A comprehensive psychiatric assessment is necessary to best understand current concerns and formulate a treatment plan. The first appointment will usually last longer than subsequent visits and may include discussions of active symptoms, past experiences and medical and psychiatric history. Consultation with family, significant other and treating therapists or physicians may be helpful.

Dr. O'Donnell practices several types of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, behavioral and cognitive therapies. She will collaborate with each individual to design an approach that meets his or her therapeutic goals. Regardless of the modality, Dr. O'Donnell will always provide a safe and empathetic environment where individuals feel supported exploring themselves.

In many cases, psychiatric medications are helpful in relieving symptoms and improving functioning. Dr. O'Donnell has training in the most up-to-date evidence-based prescribing practices. She has experience treating individuals with multiple psychiatric disorders including primary and co-occurring substance dependence. 

Dr.O'Donnell most commonly combines psychiatric medications with psychotherapy. However, she will see patients for just medications. For those working with another psychotherapist, she will collaborate closely with all providers.

Dr. O'Donnell provides all services in person in the office OR via HIPAA secure telehealth hosting VSee, depending on patient preference and clinical assessment.